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Meet Pua!

Brittany found Pua in a local shelter and immediately went and picked him up! He is available for adoption!


Piggles was an indoor piggy who had to be relocated due to ordinance changes. She is sweet, playful, and an all around amazing little girl. She is ready for adoption!


Randall was rescued from a local shelter by a caring person. He still needs neutered but is ready for his forever home! Please call or text 865-801-3702. 


“Winston and Boss playing in the sprinkler today. So glad to have adopted this guy today and we had a great time at the festival. Very informative, helpful, friendly people there. Thank you all.”

Justin Kirkland


Aston went to his new home this past week with his piggy parent Nathan. He has since gotten a new name, Pickles, and a new forever family. Pickles is being worked with daily, is harness training, and looks to love his owners t-shirts!


Gordy was an emergency pickup and his previous home was unknown. He was almost taken to the humane society but luckily found his way here and has been adopted! He has a very calm temperament and loves cuddles!


Foxy is looking for her forever home. She is very sweet but also very timid and needs an owner with patience. She does well with chickens but is not very fond of dogs. 

Earlier this week, we had 5/10 rescues come in. They are very feral, but our daily interaction and training techniques are coming in handy. Pictured above is our "head hog" Bo who is full grown and the piglets, Aston and Martin.--- ALL ADOPTED!

The last picture is of our baby porkchop, and just adopted Penny. They love their long mud baths during the heat of the day. The left is a picture of Aston and Petey (notice his markings) about to get treats.-----ALL ADOPTED!

Pig Adoption

If you want to adopt one of our rescues, please feel free to fill out this form.
Practice, Veterinarian, phone number
Zoning laws in area of residence regarding livestock.
Please include a livestock reference (piggy rescue, piggy parent, veterinarian)
Before adoption all future piggy parents must have a home check conducted. Piggies stress easily to new surroundings. We are looking for the following. -An animal crate for inside housing -A medium sized area of outdoor play that is fenced in and secure. -A large area to root, a corner to poop, an area to cool down/ warm up during extreme heat and cold, and love. -About 2 weeks after adoption, we will do a home check to make sure that your new friend and you are adjusting well. We also go over training techniques for any unwanted behaviors. Our piggies here know we are head hog but upon entering a new "herd", they will test those boundaries. Pigs are not like dogs. They are more social, more intelligent, and more emotional. They will pout. Upon adoption any piglet under 3 months of age must be spay/neutered upon 6 months of age. Any pig over 6 months will have an adoption fee of $50.00. This will cover costs of spay and neuter.
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All of our piggies have found homes!